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  tom ives st . joseph, mi
  could you have 2x tee shirts for us big guys?
  Thursday, February 28, 2008  10:25 AM

  charley trujillo san jose, ca
  Hello Iguanas, I saw your act here in San Jose, CA this last summer (2007). After I heard to you live and listening to your CDs I am became a fan of yours. I gave one of your band members a copy of my book Soldados Chicanos in Viet and a DVD documentary of the same name. I don't remember your members name, but whomever it was, I would like to know what he thought of the materials.
Thanks for your wonderful music.
Charley Trujillo
  Thursday, February 21, 2008  12:06 AM

  CJB Philly, PA
  great show at the world cafe in philly on 2/14! Oye Isabel was very nice. please come back to philly soon. looking fwd to your set @ jazz fest. thanks!
  Saturday, February 16, 2008  10:47 PM No Address Provided

  philip rogers portland, ME
  Want to see you at Continental club. Is this a south by south by southwest wristband only event?
  Saturday, February 16, 2008  11:18 AM

  Anne Annapolis, Md
  Thank you for a great time Wednesday night at the Ram's Head!
We former Y'ats really enjoyed ourselves (despite no dancing).
Please, please come back again and again!!!!
  Friday, February 15, 2008  7:23 PM No Address Provided

  Marybeth Haddonfield, NJ
  Thanks for playing "the first kiss is free " at the World Cafe last night for my husband(the one yelling it out). It's his favorite. We know you must have a set you do so we appreciate the adjustment. We enjoyed the show. Hope you're there again. If so, we'll be there.
  Friday, February 15, 2008  5:55 PM

  Bill Philadelphia, PA
  Saw you at the World Cafe last night--it was great. Thanks for facilitating. My favorites were "Oye Isabel," "Zacatecas," and "Lupita."
Do you plan to go to the West Coast on your tour?
  Friday, February 15, 2008  2:00 PM

  Gary & Susan Youngwwod, Pa
  two ex-pat nolans (mid city-s.solomon) can't wait to see y'all at the thunderbird in Pittsburgh on 2/16. it was great to see you at the concert in the park in Greensburg (amazing, too, for such a small burgh out here in the hinterlands) and talk with Derek about old friend Harriet, late of the port o' call and snug. miss it all sooo much especially the old, old days at rocknbowl when John was just getting it goin and the new year's cover was 5 bucks with free glasses of his bad bubbly and your sweet, sweet music. but, your music keeps moving it along and since you're such an integral part of the heart and soul of the city of music it's true that one thing touches another all over the world... tried to make it to the poboy fest, but... friend Cecilia at grafiti graphics said it was a great set, though. What a birthday treat it'll be saturday for two long time fans!! stay healthy (hard to believe ya'll are doing the north in winter when the azaleas are blooming back there....) waxing on far more than intended, i'll just have to blame it on 9 volt.
gary & susan naylor
  Friday, February 15, 2008  11:46 AM

  Desa King George, Va.
  Hi Iguana's. We can't wait to see you 2/15 in Alexandria, Va. We are bringing the troops from Fairview Beach.
  Tuesday, February 12, 2008  11:54 PM

  Joe (YOYO) Cabral Omaha, Ne.
  Hi Iguanas
We are going to miss you here in Omaha on Fat Tuesday. We had such a great
time listening and dancing to your music. You have a lot of Iguanas fans here.
Come see us again soon; we have some great Mexican food waiting for you at the
America GI Forum. We are anxiously awaiting your new CD. Hope to see you soon.

Love Ya
  Sunday, February 3, 2008  11:03 AM

  bill barke boston, mass
  Interested in booking you for a gig in NO on 4/4
  Wednesday, January 30, 2008  2:33 PM

  MF Minneapolis
  If you hit Madison in July then can you book Minnesota after that? Turf Club in July would be a good choice.
  Saturday, January 26, 2008  9:59 PM No Address Provided

  gd vancouver, wa
  2008 a new year....surely this is the year you guys return to the NW. We are way overdue for an Iguanas concert
  Monday, January 21, 2008  8:53 PM No Address Provided

  Tom Jersey City, NJ
  PLEASE play NOLA on 3/8. I'm in for the Practice March and Derby.
  Thursday, January 17, 2008  10:35 PM

  The Iguanas NOLA
  Yes, we always do shows around New Orleans for both weeks of Jazzfest. Check our 'dates' page at in the coming weeks for the latest, or join our e-mail list for monthly schedule updates by signing up on our 'contact' page.

  Wednesday, January 16, 2008  2:01 AM

  Roy Lititz Pa
  Do you plan on doing any shows in NOLA the second weekend of Jazzfest 08?
  Thursday, January 10, 2008  4:13 PM

  Danny Carmichael,Ca.
  june of 08 "Coloma Blues Live" Lotus Ca. onthe banks of the American River "gold country" join Los Lobos again. please, please, please. I hope I don't sound like I'm begging? but please, please, please, will ya? I got those great pictures from 03'(aka trinketts). Thanx. and as we used to and some of use still do say "eat, drink and see Jerry"
  Sunday, January 6, 2008  5:45 AM

  Danny Carmichael, Ca.
  My son Javier and I saw you at the Sugar Bowl Music Festival w/Los Lobos and Buddy Guy (labor day 03'). And we are waiting for your return, to Nor. Cal. Sacramento area. We have some great shots of you guys jamming w/Lobos & Buddy. Asta que nos vemos otra vez. And as Jerry Garcia said "I want to thank you, for a real good time"
  Sunday, January 6, 2008  5:09 AM

  once a dallas lesbian dallas, tx
  Amen to Trey Pen, please come to Dallas. Got an Ipod for Christmas, been dancing around to the Iguanas all day, my kids think I'm nuts but your music just puts me in a good mood every time. Been singing off tune in Spanish, reminds me of the time a friend was around while we were singing along to Nuevo Boogaloo, he said "they don't know what the hell they're singin'." No, we don't, but we know it's cool. Arrimate Iguanas....
  Tuesday, December 25, 2007  10:44 PM

  Hailey, Leah, & Araceli Cabral north bend, Oregon
  hey guys........we miss you up need to come back. hope you all are doing good. much love hailey, leah, and araceli.

  Thursday, November 15, 2007  10:42 AM

  Kelly Chappaqua New York
  Why no shows in NY???
  Sunday, November 4, 2007  8:31 PM

  El Jaime Carlisle, PA
  Just finished listening to your latest CD, PLASTIC SILVER 9 VOLT HEART and thought it is your best so far (alas surpassing my love for your NUEVO BOOGALOO). Please keep making music. Perhaps you could tour a bit more, maybe to my neck of the woods…Mid-Atlantic?

PS: I would have killed (figuratively speaking) to hear you guys jam with Los Lobos. You two are my favorite bands. Is there any chance of meeting up again or perhaps cutting a few tracks together? Wishful thinking on my part?

Toqúele con ganas!
  Friday, October 26, 2007  12:12 PM

  Stacy New Orleans, LA
  Just moved here this past husband in in the we got orders.

I have seen you guys in San Diego and in Albuquerque....we went to go see you the other night in Gretna...and I am so happy to see that you will be there agian this Friday night....we will be there!!!

  Tuesday, October 16, 2007  11:29 AM

  Cora San Jose, Ca
  Not only did we have the most fantastic weather today... but You guys were great at the Marachi Festival today. It was so good to see you again and to hear Oye Isabel and Nuevo Bugaloo live.

Thanks for a great show.

  Saturday, September 29, 2007  9:52 PM

  Brett NYC
  When are you coming out to the North East? How about NYC?

Now that would be a party
  Tuesday, September 25, 2007  11:30 AM

  trey_pen dallas, tx
  Please come to TX, Dallas needs the Iguanas
  Monday, September 17, 2007  7:18 PM

  Brittany Supachana sebastopol,california
  Hi Rod and everyone.I can't wait to come see youin San Francisco next friday with my mom and everybody!
  Monday, September 17, 2007  6:38 PM

  chivo menasha,wi
  Hey Joe,

Was back in Omaha this last week. Played at howards with the old man.
Had a blast! Will probably be out to hear you in San Jose. Let me know
if you're playing any other gigs out there. Love ya!

  Monday, September 10, 2007  4:19 PM

  craig breedlove bonneville salt flats
  not quite like hearing the iguanas but very cool!..................................

The sensation that's missing in an aircraft or in a boat over the water is that close proximity to the terrain. I've driven both fast boats and fast cars, but with this car you're riding along with your butt six inches off the ground. There's just an enormous sensation of velocity connected with that.

This car has the same engine as the Lockheed Starfighter, the old F-104. It puts out twenty-two thousand pounds of thrust. So the car accelerates harder than a fighter plane, because it's a lot lighter than a fighter plane.

You're strapped into the car very tightly, so you can feel all of its movements and everything it's doing. The thing starts crunching across Nevada's Black Rock Desert, and then all the bearings are screaming and you're riding inside of this metal can with a J79 jet engine that's running 103 percent rpm. You have this sensation of whirling machinery all around you.

And when you throw in two and a half g's of acceleration, pushing everything back into the seat, you have to labor a bit to breathe. You're in this semi-reclining position with your upper torso kind of erect, so it tends to bend your stomach and chest over your diaphragm area, which is probably not the best breathing position to be in anyway.

The ride is pretty damn smooth. Once these things get over about two, two-fifty, the tires don't have time to drop down into the low places. As you go up higher and higher in speed, you basically touch the ground less and less — you're kind of in between. It's like when you're landing in an airplane and it's really not hooked up to the runway yet. So once you do get up around six hundred miles per hour, it's almost as if the car has no contact with the ground. You'll hear the ground and everything, but it's as if you're on this huge cookie sheet of ice. It's this real slippery feeling.

The real dicey part of the whole thing is shutting the damn thing off. Turning off that engine — which is this enormous rotating weight — you get an immediate reversal of torque direction, and the car, all of a sudden, wants to leap up and change lanes on you. And your heart always takes a jump and your stomach comes up in your throat and you're just going so damn fast it's scary.

Once you get the thing down to four hundred or so, you deploy the parachutes. This has the effect of making you feel as if you're driving straight down a wall. Then as you slow down, the earth sort of levels back out to your senses.

It's almost like a form of violence, it is so powerful. You gain a lot of respect for that machine. It's as if you don't want to do anything aggressive to upset it; you really want to blend with that machine. It's like you're the head of a bird or something.

Once you're in there, you're very much alone. No one's gonna help you in there. You are very isolated. Makes you pay attention. This is a no-fool-around deal. Me and my big mouth. How'd I get into this thing?
  Wednesday, September 5, 2007  9:26 PM

  Brooke Vancouver, WA
  Hi Rod and guys...when will you be making the trip to Portland, OR? It's been too long! You have A LOT of fans up here! Does the band have a Myspace page?
  Thursday, August 30, 2007  9:48 PM

  Karla Colon Sarasota, Florida
  Hi, ok, so I'm not Karla, that's my mom. But I grew up listening to your music. I love it!!! I've not lived in New Orleans for a while, but maybe come to Sarasota, FL?
  Monday, August 20, 2007  3:40 PM

  Colleen Anson Omaha, Ne
  Riddle What's about halfway between Chicago and Loveland, CO?????? Bet you never guessed: Omaha. Omaha is hungry for the Iguanas. Would be great if you could stop over for just one show!
  Friday, August 17, 2007  10:00 AM

  Karen Kingsport, TN
  We enjoyed your concert tonight at Twilight Live. We saw you in 1994 in Ohio at the Primo Parrothead Party, and we have listened ever since. You were great tonight!
  Thursday, August 16, 2007  10:26 PM

  Lucy Kingsport, TN
  See you this Thursday at Twilight ALive in Kingsport!
  Sunday, August 12, 2007  1:51 PM

  mamarosa mississauga, ontario, CANADA
  To all the members in the Iguanas:

You have now tasted the love we Canadians have for you! Winnipeg is great. We are begging, please please come to Toronto, Ontario and you'll never forget us.
We can host you in any one of our famous bars, or have you on stage at Harbour Front in the open air facing Lake Ontario. Come and we shall follow
Love from all of your Canadian fans...XOXO
  Wednesday, August 8, 2007  3:50 PM

  carl lancaster pa
  you guys are the best .i hope to see you guys soon . came to lancaster pa. i see you guys you open for jimmy buffett in the 90s you guys rock thank you finz up
  Monday, August 6, 2007  10:31 AM

  Crystal Renee Atwater, Ca
  Hi Rod, I tried to e-mail your old address but, it came back. I would love for ya to write to me so please do. I am going to the show w/ my sis again. Hope all is well for you and yours and the band. I have some wonderful news also so write me soon so I can tell ya about it. Love ya, Crystal ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!
  Sunday, August 5, 2007  2:35 AM

  Stella Mercado Fort Worth, Texas
  Hi Rod,
(Stella & Charles from Ft. Worth) - Crying in my beer right now! Because Charles and a group of guys here w/F.A.A. were out there repairing Lakefront Airport (control tower) in NOLA for the past month and I went for the weekend to have some fun - and spent way too much time on Bourbon St. - and didn't know that y'all were playing Sat. night! It would have been awsome to see and hear y'all! I guess I'll just have to get my Iguana-fix next time y'all are in Austin!
  Wednesday, August 1, 2007  1:12 AM

  Mary Lyn omaha, Nebraska
  I'm with AC! Please bring the groove to the Midwest! There's always the Anchor Inn on the River....that would be a great spot! With Love
  Friday, July 20, 2007  11:18 PM

  Colleen Anson Omaha, NE
  Hey guys. Hope all is well with you and yours. See that you'll be making a swoop through Indiana and Illinois in early September. Any chance you can stretch that to Omaha and/or Lincoln, Nebraska, KC or Des Moines. We need an Iguanas fix here in the midwest!
  Sunday, July 15, 2007  3:14 PM

  Tony Leone Brooklyn,NY
  Hey Doug--Great to meet and hear you in Winnipeg. Anytime you wanna get rid of that gretsch SD.......:)
  Friday, July 13, 2007  4:58 PM

  the iguanas nola
  Fryman: the venue is called d.b.a. It's a club at 618 Frenchmen St. in the Marigny. See you there!
  Wednesday, July 11, 2007  9:00 AM

  Fryman Ralston, NE
  Hey Amigos!

I see you're doing a gig in 'Nawlin's' on July 28th. I sure hope that's true. If so, do you have a venue set up yet? If not, bummer! I'm gonna be there at the Renassiance Arts hotel for the weekend and can think of no better way to spend the evening. I'll keep my eye on the 'dates' board.
Keep on jammin'.
  Tuesday, July 10, 2007  12:13 PM

  Stuart Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
  Thank you all SO much for coming to The Winnipeg Folk Festival and steaming things up even more than Mother Nature !!! I caught all three performances and will travel the world to hear you again !!! Peace and tons of love, Kathryn
  Monday, July 9, 2007  10:26 AM

  AC Destin, FL
  The Iguanas rocked the Rockies! Wow! Durango was fantastic and the band never sounded better! Especially loved Sour Milk and The Beep.
  Saturday, July 7, 2007  8:31 AM

  Sean Northborough, ma
  To Beverly, "arrimate" means come closer.
  Friday, July 6, 2007  1:49 PM

  Carla Vigil Santa Fe, NM
  Thank you Iguanas!!
All of us here in the Land of Enchantment
would like to send out a big thanks to The Iguanas
for playing two kick-ass shows here in New Mexico
NM loves The Iguanas and we all hope you come back our way
on the next tour!!!
  Thursday, July 5, 2007  12:29 PM

  joanie and rick moshier santa rosa, ca
please play the palms again, norcal needs an infusion of your magic. perhaps before sf?
  Wednesday, July 4, 2007  12:40 AM

  LP abq nm
  Great show last night at the Golden West Saloon. The shots were good, too, que no?
  Monday, July 2, 2007  6:53 PM

  Rudy Tafoya Santa Fe, New Mexico
  Thank You Iguanas !!!
The Show last night in Los Alamos was Fantastic !!
You Guys rocked us out at 10,000 Ft on pajarito mountain
Luckily the rain missed us and allowed you to play a full two sets !
Thanks again for playing New Mexico and we are all looking foward to another
Fun Filled night of Music on July 3rd at the Santa Fe Brewing Co !
Viva Iguanas !!! Viva Santa Fe !!!!
  Saturday, June 30, 2007  8:18 AM

  Ed Chico, CA
  Please come and play at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room in Chico CA you will love it. Talk to Bob Littel.
  Friday, June 29, 2007  7:04 PM

  sid winnipeg manitoba
  hey guys excited to see you next week at the wpg folk fest.
I've seen you a few times down in N.O. when i lived thereand am looking forward to seeing you all
on my home turf.please leave bourbon street postcards at home and bring real nawlins grime.
if there's anything you'll need that you can't get on the rider let me know.
  Friday, June 29, 2007  5:40 PM

  LP albuquerque, new mexico

Decided to make the ABQ show instead of Los Alamos. Puccini's Golden West will be rockin'. I guarantee it. I bought 13 tickets for my posse of Iguana lovers. Look for us. We'll be the one raising the roof.


  Wednesday, June 27, 2007  5:32 PM

  bob Washington, DC
  Get your live Iguanas - June 1st, 2007 show is up

Thanks to the band for talking to the venue about taping, and muchas gracias to Marta Gonzales in FL for starting this obsession. Te amo Marta

Flame On, Robert
  Saturday, June 23, 2007  10:23 AM

  Beverly Long Pontiac, IL
  I was just listening to an old CD. I saw you perform in New Orleans in 2000 at the Midtown Bowl and then again in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I have 1 question, what does arrimate mean? I could ask Jeeves but I'd rather ask you.
  Saturday, June 23, 2007  2:11 AM

  the iguanas nola
  hey bill,
that's a new song called "the beep". thanks for coming to the show. we'll see you next time.
the iguanas
  Friday, June 22, 2007  2:27 PM No Address Provided

  Bill Atlanta, GA
  Dear Iguanas,

Thanks for a killer show at the Earl in Atlanta Saturday night. Good times were had by all. I have a quick question about one of the songs from that night. It was an instrumental, upbeat tune played between Nuevo Boogaloo and First Kiss. The instruments used on the song were sax, trumpet, drums, bass and guitar (If that helps).

I would love to complete my setlist, so any help (either from the band or anyone who was at the show) would be greatly appreciated.


PS Soul Kiss was GREAT.
  Tuesday, June 19, 2007  4:03 PM No Address Provided

  Jody St Louis, Mo.
  My husband and I saw you in St. Louis at Union Station many years ago. We would love to see you come back to our area. Any scheduled dates for the midwest?
  Monday, June 18, 2007  5:02 PM

  Dona Hickory NC
  Thanks guys for an incredible show last nite in Greensboro NC! What a fabulous way to open Eastern Music Festival's season! I've saw you many yrs. ago but am definitely a true fan now! Best wishes for continued success & safe travels!
  Friday, June 15, 2007  8:23 AM

  Beth McBride Tacoma WA
  I agree. We need some Iguanas in the Northwest. Saw you guys on the Cable documentary about New Orleans Musicians. Good to hear/see you. Hope you are all well. Beth
  Thursday, June 14, 2007  5:29 PM

  GD vancouver, wa
  Still looking for those Northwest booking dates!! We are overdue.
  Wednesday, June 13, 2007  7:05 PM

  johny ds Somerville,MA
  We all are going to your show in Somerville!

What's the best way to let the band know they are doing a great job ?

Can we order those cool T-shirts with NOPD pictures on them, the blue and yellow ones ?

Will Lyrics be up for some more of the Spanish Songs -- I love how they sound, I get the emotion and passion of the music even in spanish! -- but will some be listed and translated so we can learn more about the song ?

Also, was "The Girlfriend who was the waitress" a real person who was dating a band member ? Just love that song and the 2 sax's awesome Band you guys.

P.S. If you don't mind, I'd like to find a way to request that the country station here, and the spanish language stations! play some of your music. Your music would song great on their stations. Heard you on Public radio years ago, would love to hear you on other stations in Boston, more often.
  Thursday, June 7, 2007  2:33 AM

  big fan New York,NY
Great music!
Love the band's creativity and passion!

Question -- You did this interview years and years ago on a public radio station. You played a song that wasn't on the albumn.

Any chance you can find that tape and record the song onto an albumn ?

  Thursday, June 7, 2007  2:28 AM

  Doug O. Dayton, OH
  Any chance you will provide Louisiana Music Factory with NOPD logo t-shirts again? I just visited New Orleans for the first time and visited their store. I did bring home a couple of your tees they had in stock. If you choose not to reprint that design you probably should take it off your website. So if you can make it happen or want to comment.... Thanks and hope to see you in our area in the future.
  Wednesday, June 6, 2007  7:38 AM

  bob Washington, DC
  Need setlist help please. Will post to dimeadozen this weekend unless band objects. Thanks, Bob

The Iguanas, The State Theater, Falls Church, VA, Friday, 6/1/2007

01 intros
02 Un Avion
03 Oye Isabel
04 In The Night
05 Flame On
06 Sour Milk
07 Lupita
08 The Liquor Dance
09 rap
10 Sugar Cane
11 Ven A Bailar
12 Esta Noche De La Amore
13 Open Up Your Heart
14 Soul Kiss
15 Instrumental
16 Para Donde Vas
17 crowd
18 band returns
19 Hully Gully With Big Sandy
20 My Girlfriend Is A Waitress
21 goodnight
22 crowd

  Tuesday, June 5, 2007  11:20 PM

  'lil' bro Omaha
  Bro, the closest thing to the Muddy-Mo looks like Durango, CO. what's-up with that. There's some folks here looking for the Iguanas, doesn't your agent like us? That, or the venues here better pull there heads out of their #$#@ and plan accordingly. The weathers here, wish you were beautiful. bad, wrong group. The chicas in Oregon and the Big-K send their best to you and the rest of the band. Stay safe, travel well.
Your Bro
  Monday, June 4, 2007  2:51 AM

  Shari House Oyama, B.C.

  Friday, June 1, 2007  11:47 PM

  MB Haddonfield, NJ
  I've loved your music since I heard Boom boom boom on Homicide; finally got to see you tonight at the World Cafe in Phila. Great show made a believer out of my husband; he bought two of your CDs. Horns were tremendous.
  Thursday, May 31, 2007  11:44 PM

  john Ingoglia oviedo, fl
  Looking forward to The Stephen Talkhouse show. Haven't seenn them play in years
  Thursday, May 31, 2007  7:08 AM

  Amy LaQue Annapolis, MD
  Great job, Eric! You're very talented!
  Thursday, May 31, 2007  6:17 AM

  The Iguanas NOLA
  Here is an mp3 from the Wednesday night show at the Ram's Head featuring Eric Lucero on trumpet:
  Wednesday, May 30, 2007  10:07 PM

  em lex. ky
  Tuesday, May 29, 2007  10:39 AM

  don devas nola
Saturday May 19th the Iguanas perform in Lafayette, La. with special guests Anthony Cuccia on percussion and Jumpin' Johnny Sansone on harmonica !
Johnny has just finished a new CD entitled "Poor Man's Paradise". Featuring the OUTSTANDING rhythm section of Doug Garrison and Rene Coman. It's a good one ! Look for it.
We'll see you out there.

don devas, esq.
the Iguanas HQ
  Friday, May 18, 2007  9:42 AM

  Jane Laurencio Seattle, Washington
  If there is one place in this big ole country that needs Iguana's exposure, it would happen to be Seattle Washington. Yes it's a long way up here to the beautiful Northwest.... but once you are here, it will be just as intoxicating to you, as it will be to all of your new fans! I know. I go all the way back to Ft. Collins, Co. times. Keep making those fans happy ! P.S. What ever happened to Jumpin Johnney and that blues band that strutted on the bar at Lindens?
  Friday, May 18, 2007  8:58 AM

  nicole NOLA
  amazing show at the fais do do stage on saturday--it was the my favorite end to jazz fest in a while!! :)
  Monday, May 7, 2007  10:55 PM No Address Provided

  Johnny Palacios Houston,texas
  Hey, guys when are ya'll going to play in Houston ? H town needs a good dose of
your tunes..... PS. Need some good tunes come soon, Please......
  Thursday, May 3, 2007  5:27 AM

  The Iguanas NOLA
  Steve: James Winfield, or "The Sleeping Giant" as he calls himself these days, has been a friend of ours for a long time. You can download an mp3 of a recording he made in 1968 for the "Trend" label here:
James will also be performing this Friday, May 4, at "The Music Tent on Claiborne" (1500 block of N. Caliborne) along with Guitar Slim, Jr., Henry Turner and Flavor, and more. There is a website with details at

Don't forget to see The Iguanas Thursday night at Chickie Wah Wah (2828 Canal St), this Saturday at Jazzfest at 5:50 on the Sheraton Fais Do-Do Stage, and Saturday night at the Cinco de Mayo Block Party at Tomatillo's at Esplanade and Frenchmen!
  Wednesday, May 2, 2007  12:18 PM

  steve metairie, la
  When I saw y'all perform in Lafayette Square a couple of weeks ago, a gentleman by the name of Winnfield took the stage and sang a couple of songs with you. I met him a while back, but I haven't been able to find him online to see about getting one of his CDs. Can you send me in the right direction?

It was a great show, by the way.
  Monday, April 30, 2007  4:25 PM

  Mickey UK
  Guys, please get to England; specifically Cumbria; even more specifically, the Brampton Live festival -- it could use some NOLA mojo.

  Monday, April 30, 2007  3:49 PM langdalepike@hotmail,com

  Ed Oakville, Ontario
  has anyone been recording the band at all in the last couple of years? Tradeable recordings are few and far between it seems. Would love to trade for some.
  Thursday, April 19, 2007  9:33 PM grtfledATcogecoDOTca

  don devas nola
  Thanks to everybody who came out to hear us at dba after the French Quarter fest saturday night.
Nice to see so many folks from out of town. You all rock!
That was Jason Mingledorff of Papa Grows Funk on Tenor. What a kick ass job!
Anthony Cuccia of The Other Planets was super solid as ever on percussion.
Washboard Chaz and Rebecca Barry also stopped by to blow.
We enjoy playing dba. It's a good sounding room.
Look for more shows there this summer.

don devas esq.
the iguanas hq
  Tuesday, April 17, 2007  11:11 AM

  AC Destin, FL
  Hey, guys! Revving up the old RV to take in the Igs at Jazz Fest and all thru the week there. Looks like our schedules we may synch again in New Mexico and Colorado.....great places to be in the heat of the summer. See yall soon!
AC and the 9 lb wonder dog
  Thursday, April 12, 2007  10:03 AM

  What time's the cinco de mayo thing happening? could you give post some details? thanks
  Tuesday, April 10, 2007  9:08 AM

  Miss Mary OMAHA, NEbraska
  Hey Guys: Gearing up for the show in Durango, Colorado, in June. Gathering up the fan club to see how many can make the trip. Hopefully all the gang can make it from around the area; Powell's, Beard's, Anderson's, Guido's. Nothing like an Iguanas show in the cool mountain breezes after the heat of an Omaha June. Well worth the 8 hrs plus drive. We'll see you then. MM
  Monday, April 9, 2007  10:05 PM YOYOYMARY@COX.NET

  larry nola
  rod have brother call me re: carpenter 504 201 3402 or email
  Saturday, April 7, 2007  8:13 AM

  frankie houston
  International fest line-up has come out and to my surprise Iguana's are not on it. Seen you the last few years here and have enjoyed your shows. We'll miss you!!
See you at Continental Club in May.
  Wednesday, April 4, 2007  3:19 PM

  LP Albuquerque New Mexcio

My kids love your music. Can't wait to hear you guys in Los Alamos on June 29th. I'm getting the troops ready for a great time. How soon can I purchase tickets?

  Friday, March 30, 2007  8:16 PM

  Dana Brighton,Michigan
  To All Members of the Iguanas : I hope all is as well as possible with your ongoing post-Katrina recovery. I'm glad to see that you'll be playing at the upcoming JazzFest during the 2nd weekend when I'll be attending. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform again. I saw you perform last year in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Ark and it was a great performance. Question : Will you be producing a new CD anytime soon and if so ---about when do you project its release ? Thanks in advance.
  Tuesday, March 27, 2007  7:27 PM

  Stagger Lee Providence
  Thanks Joe! See you at the Fairgrounds.....By the way, I sent you an email about Harry's (Cajun) Blues Bar a few weeks ago...You guy's have to come to Cape Cod and play sometime...Check out the website.
  Thursday, March 22, 2007  8:13 AM

  The Iguanas NOLA
  Stagger Lee: Tomatillo's is at the corner of Esplanade and Frenchmen. We'll have a blast, I'm sure.
Their myspace page is

Ronni: the song you seek is on our latest CD, 'Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart''s called 'Un Avion,' and the lyrics are printed in the CD liner.
  Tuesday, March 20, 2007  5:35 PM

  ann atlanta, ga
  ronni, a good album that you might want is "the iguanas" - my favorite. it has "para donde vas" on it. it is the album w/ the cartoon drawing on it. it is really, really good.
  Monday, March 19, 2007  12:22 PM No Address Provided

  Ronni Sarasota, FL
  Home sick from work and watched a movie, you guys as the "Texiles" post-Katrina. You guys are amazing and I am buying some CDs......but I want to find a song you did on the show, the song starts "Mira Mira" and I think my rusty Spanish heard something about seeing a plane and wondering Donde va?
Can someone hook me up with the right CD and the lyrics? Thanks - come to Sarasota!!!!!!! peace.......
  Thursday, March 15, 2007  7:14 PM

  Stagger Lee Providence, RI
  Hey Iguana's-Where the heck is Tomatillo's in NOLa? Website? Cinco de Mayo will be mucho fun...
  Thursday, March 15, 2007  4:38 AM

  Ralph monrovia, ca
  My wife & kids love your music. my daughters name is isabell. she walks around the house singing your song. She thinks you guys wrote it for her. Please come back to los angeles soon.
  Friday, March 9, 2007  12:00 PM

  The Iguanas NOLA
  Vic and Nic: those were good gigs. We can't wait to come back. "To be announced," I believe, is t.b.a. - d.b.a. is a club at 618 Frenchmen St., in the heart of the entertainment district in the Marigny, 1/2 block from Café Brasil. See you there?
  Friday, March 9, 2007  10:57 AM

  Vic and Nic Iowa City, IA
  We caught you in Iowa City, and St Louis and will be in NOLA on 3-17, where is d.b.a.? To me that means to be announced??? By the way, I still have a picture on my cell phone of St Louis, interesting show!!!!
  Friday, March 9, 2007  6:14 AM No Address Provided

  Diane Moran Springfield, MO
  The first time I was lucky enough to see the Iguanas was at the Rock -N-Bowl when I was down for Jazz & Heritage Fest. I'm originally from Chicago but live in Springfield now & would sure love to see you visit our town!! Any Chance? Keeping my fingers crossed!
  Monday, March 5, 2007  7:38 PM

  Stagger Lee Providence, RI
  Boom Boom Boom...Boom Boom Boom...Boom Boom All Night Long! See ya at Jazzfest Iguanas :)
  Sunday, March 4, 2007  7:29 AM

  Patty Colorado mountains
  Hey Iguanas! would love to see you in Colorado sometime. Durango is kind of far from here, so I'll keep looking to see if you make it anywhere else in state. Your show at the Lodo Festival years ago was great.

First time I saw you play was at "Hopestock" in Norfolk 10 years or so ago - great gig in a small venue! Listen to your music all the time and my teenage kids are into it too.
  Wednesday, February 28, 2007  8:22 AM No Address Provided

  Dalynne Turman Philadelphia, PA
  Hey guys I moved from the lovely NOLA Looking forward to seeing you in PA!
  Friday, February 23, 2007  3:43 PM

  Sharon Omaha, NE
  Great to see the Iguana's back in town for Fat Tuesday! Looking forward to your return next year!! Sharon(fellow Ryan alumni)
  Thursday, February 22, 2007  3:50 PM

  Jenn Chicago IL
  Hey guys. What a great show on Monday night at Fitzgeralds. It was a great memory for me, one for the books. See you in NO in April/May! Enjoy the pics I sent your way.

hugs . jenn
  Wednesday, February 21, 2007  9:09 AM

  pete hou.tex
  heard your sound about 2 years ago @ sound waves
asked attended who was band
he told me
said u were here a lot way back when
going 2 fest on 5th
see u there
super ball rockes
  Tuesday, February 20, 2007  11:09 PM

  Michael Edina Minnesota
  Got a email from a good friend in San Marino that you guys where coming to town, he was freaking because he wouldn't be able to be here for the concert. I believe him to be one of your greatest fans. I called a bunch of friends and 12 of us made it to the show u guys are fantastic we danced the night away. Hope you can make it back here soon,(like this summer) we will be waiting. Thanks again for the great show.
  Tuesday, February 20, 2007  11:42 AM

  Milanne Oak Park IL
  Been an Iguanas fan since '94 at NO Jazz Fest when J. Buffett introduced the band. Last night at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn IL was a fabulous Lundi Gras! You were missing a guy (Derek) but the sound and energy were still there. See ya next time the band's in Chicagoland.
  Tuesday, February 20, 2007  10:33 AM

  John Minneapolis
  Great show at the turf club.
  Saturday, February 17, 2007  6:48 PM No Address Provided

  Mike Minneapolis, MN
  We'll be there to see you in St. Paul on Friday. I think Matt let Rene know we'd be coming to the show. First time that we've seen you guys play live...
  Wednesday, February 14, 2007  11:32 AM No Address Provided

  Lynda Stephenson, VA
  Hey guys...I just a wishing and a praying you are going to play with Sonny Landreth on the 29th of April at the Rock A Bowl!!!! You are playing with him on the 27th at the HOB but we already got tickets for the Radiators.

Bet we will catch you somewhere at JazzFest. We are only doing first weekend! But if I were a betting girl (which I am not) we will see you somewhere.

Can't wait. I got the JazzFest fever bad.
  Tuesday, February 6, 2007  6:14 AM

  Joy seattle, wa
  PLEASE come to Seattle some day -- we want to see you live!!
  Sunday, February 4, 2007  11:21 PM

  Marcy Linke Omaha, Nebra.
  Can't wait to see you guys again and rock with you all. See Yea at the Whiskey Roadhouse on the 20th.

Love Ya Guys Marcy
  Sunday, February 4, 2007  11:56 AM

  The Iguanas NOLA
  Bart, The Iguanas will be playing shows around New Orleans for both weekends of Jazzfest. Check our 'dates' page here at for scheduling as we get closer to the date, or sign up for our monthly schedule emails on our 'contact' page.
  Wednesday, January 31, 2007  2:33 AM

  Bob Marly Covington Indiana
  Man you guys FREAKIN rock for shnizzle dog!! Bownce up keep the faith holmes!
  Tuesday, January 30, 2007  11:05 AM

  Isabel L.A., CA
  "Arrimete" a los angeles el proximo tiempo estan en tour.

  Thursday, January 25, 2007  2:08 PM

  Dan Ellis Houston,Tx
  How about a DVD instead of the VHS ????? Thanx
  Thursday, January 18, 2007  7:17 PM

  mark palo alto ca
  I hope you guys make it SF Bay Area again soon. Looking forward to some new music too. Fav memories:

- First Time I say you at XPN singer-songwriter weekend in PA (maybe '95)
- Some Winery BarbQ up in Sonoma (and some 2 year old kid coming up and dancing on the stage).
- Great American Music Hall in SF (more than once)
- Santa Cruz last year sometime after Katrina
  Thursday, January 18, 2007  12:22 PM

  Bart Havre de Grace , MD
  I see you guys are playing the second weekend of Jazzfest 07. We'll be down the first weekend. Any chance we'll be able to catch you guys at a club then?
  Thursday, January 18, 2007  7:50 AM

  Rachel Crawfordville, Florida
  I am looking for a band to do a gig in Tallahassee, Florida, on February 9th. Please contact me if you are available.
  Wednesday, January 17, 2007  8:01 PM

  Erika Atlanta, Ga
  Dudes - all us expat new orleanians up here miss you!
  Sunday, January 14, 2007  8:32 PM

  pat buckeye, az
  where can i get a copy of the cd that has the song
para donde vas?
  Saturday, January 13, 2007  8:02 PM

  boi Tokyo
  Saturday, January 13, 2007  5:09 AM

  Diana Grand Rapids, Mi
  Joe, Rod, Rene....Wow! Your website is so cool! I love seeing pictures of you all having so much fun...Geez, and all the fan mail from ladies everywhere! My thoughts were with all of you through NOLA's dark days.

Sorry I got so wasted and cried and everything last time I saw you in Chicago. I am such an emotional gal, 'specially when I partake in the spirits. I hope you will forgive me. I'm turning the big 40 this March and life is goooood! M'sending you all a big, warm virtual hug from the shores of Lake Michigan.
Take Care.
Diana (circa 1991)
  Friday, January 12, 2007  11:19 PM

  Susan Minneapolis, Minnesota
  So the back of my car boasts a sun-yellow bumper sticker for BeauSoleil. The clerk loading our new mattress says, "BeauSoleil? Nah. I'm from New Orleans and The Iguanas are better."

I listened to you two nights ago on your website. Now I need another bumper sticker, 'cuz guys? I'm in-love. See ya in about five weeks in St. Paul. I'll be dancing.
  Wednesday, January 10, 2007  11:06 PM

  Ida Borum Dunedin, Florida
  We miss you so much. Come to Skippers and we will boom boom all night long. While I miss your music, I want to know how you are doing and where you are.

Come to Skippers, you know you won't regret it.
  Wednesday, January 10, 2007  6:36 PM

  nikki Omaha
  To Phil Lordemann you still make me nervous!
  Saturday, January 6, 2007  11:02 PM

  Angela Pullman, WA
  Happy New Year all! Do you remember playing the Gorge in Washington State? That was the first time I saw the Iguanas, two nights in a row, and it's been love ever since. Come back soon y'all!
  Friday, January 5, 2007  7:44 PM new iberia, la.
  good to see the board back. come see us at the blue moon. yall have a good one.
  Friday, January 5, 2007  4:58 PM

  Joaquin California
  Hope all continues well with you and yours.
hasta pronto,
  Friday, January 5, 2007  10:55 AM

  Jolanda the Netherlands
  Happy New Year
Hope you guys come to Holland some day???
  Friday, January 5, 2007  9:12 AM

  Jodie Forrest Chapel Hill NC
  Please, oh please, come back to NC soon! Or SC. Or VA. We miss you.
Happy New Year to you all and all your families and all your friends!
  Friday, January 5, 2007  8:39 AM

  Tim and Amie Weiner Boston, MA
  Happy New Year Everyone!! Congratulations on the First Night Gig. Only wish we could have been there!

Looking forward to the chances to see you rock in the Boston area, or WHEREVER we need to go!!

  Friday, January 5, 2007  7:35 AM

  Bill Gladney Tempe, AZ
  Happy New Year! When are you guys going to make it out to Phoenix, AZ????!!!! We need some of your sounds out here!!!
  Thursday, January 4, 2007  9:27 PM

  Miss Mary Omaha, NEbraska
  Hi Mike: Tickets for The Iguanas' show at Whiskey Roadhouse at the Horseshoe Casino on February 20th will go on sale today (Thursday, January 4) after 5 p.m. at Front Gate Tickets.
I'll email you with the details.
  Thursday, January 4, 2007  11:50 AM

  Miss Mary Omaha, ME
  Hey Mike: I'll work on it and get back to you. MM
  Sunday, December 31, 2006  10:20 PM

  Fryman Ralston, NE
  Hey, Miss Mary!
Can you help an Iguana's Dork with a ticket? The hicks in Council-Tuckey have no clue as to me getting some seats! Do you know who I can purchase such from? I WILL BE THERE! Just don't want to have to come in through the window or something on the 20th. I already have a date! Please help! The Fryman thanks you!
  Tuesday, December 26, 2006  8:24 PM

  Dave & Lisa V Haddon Heights, NJ
  It's been so long since I've seen you guys in Philly that my girlfriend isn't a waitress anymore! She's my wife!!!!! Come back soon. We miss the tunes. Best wishes to everyone in NOLA.
  Monday, December 11, 2006  12:34 PM

  Miss Mary Omaha, Nebraska
  Good to see Joe and Doug while in NOLa recently. Glad to see an Omaha date on the schedule (well, actually it's Council Bluffs, Iowa, but close enough). We'll be revving up the troops as everyone is anxious to hear The Iguanas again. Always a roarin' good time. Til then ......................
  Sunday, December 10, 2006  9:43 PM

  kenny d burlington wi
  great to see ya makin a stop in wisconsin. i will be at the harmony to celebrate the mardi gras season. saw ya guys in new orleans,you've been one of my favs eversince. keep on rockin
  Sunday, November 26, 2006  8:07 PM

  Joanie Moshier Santa Rosa, CA
  Happy Happy Holidays to all of you Iguanas and your families. We are looking forward to seeing you here in NorCal soon, Petaluma and Winters would be great! Hope we don't have to wait till next summer, the show last July in Winters was excellent. Stay warm and dry, take good care. ciao, Joanie
  Saturday, November 25, 2006  10:17 PM

  Jen Birmingham Petaluma, CA
  Please come back to Petaluma soon! We need our Iguanas fix!
Love, Jen (aka Dr. Brenner's daughter)
  Wednesday, November 22, 2006  1:31 PM

  Rosendo Garcia Hurst ,Texas
  Tuesday, November 14, 2006  4:55 AM

  Stephen 'sven' Peters milwaukee wisconsin
  Dudes~"where ya been....where ya beeeeeen"....I provide you with road music
to keep the vibe goin' and then you take a long hiatus from us...?!...what up....we need you to keep your vibe goin' here....
haven't seen nor heard from The Iguanas in awhile...and Rene' to whom The Uptowner awaits you with a chillogered beer!
YOU ARE ALL MISSED AROUND HERE!!!!hope you can figure out a show in southeastern wisconsin soon...
cabin fever will soon be in our vernacular and we will be in dire need of
Dr Iguana and his 'Elixir of Tuneage'.....stay in communicato...
from the coast of Lake Michigan ~sven
  Monday, November 13, 2006  9:23 AM

  stuart boyer detroit Mi
  Hello !! I just came acroos your wonderful site and I thought I would add my cents. I really had a great time seeing the Iguanas in Dearborn Michigan a few years ago. My wife and I had a wonderful time dancing to the wonderful tunes they provided. I can't wait to see them again! Thanx, stu
  Wednesday, November 8, 2006  9:46 AM

Iguanas rock. We can't wait to hear the new work coming out early in 2007.
When are you coming to Toronto, Ontario Canada. So many people will come out to hear you play.
We always host a full house Latin festive at our harbour front in July. PLEASE COME AND WE SHALL FOLLOW
  Wednesday, November 8, 2006  8:33 AM

  Vida Lee Hercules, CA 94547
  Joe and Gentlemen,
Just got your post. So glad to hear.
A day does not go by when I don't think and feel for our neighbors in The Ninth Ward. God Bless and keep them all warm and dry.
Please ask Label Radio Folks to send KKUP-FM, 91.5 Cupertino, CA new music! And one for me to spin in clubs and carshows, too, pretty please?
And howdoo, too, Kontinentals Kustom Car Club of Great SW, USA: Vida Lee picked up yet another hauler Ranchero 1967 Fairlaine 500 w 302/4bbls AT mild kustom in Rolla, MO last week. Leaf peeping was amazing on Route 66. Also had fortune to sit a lovely spell with cousin, Rev. Robt Hubbard in Branson; he was originator/tenor of the legendary Jordanires. I love the hear the stories.
The EBay-found vehicle only overheated twice; changed out orig? Poland-manufacture water pump and blew out seam of rad tank top once!. Hungarian-descended Derris at One Stop Auto on I-40, W. Amarillo squared me away and got me pointed back to No. CALI after two days.
Anyone coming out for SF HotRod, Kustom & Motorcycle Show, the granddaddy of 'em all, estb. 1949, CowPalace, SoSF in mid-Jan? The CherryBombs are spinnin' in the center of the universe, Suede Hall, courtesy of our fine associates, Rolph Britton and Johnny Dilks of TurnKey Productions. And your favorite sparkplug gals, the CherryBomb will again host the Sat. Night after-carshow roundup again, maybe return back to legendary The23Club, Brisbane. Last year we featured our darlin' James Intveld to a sold-out crowd. Bikers and HonkyTonk; only in America.
XOX my Eternally Loved-Ones,
Vida Lee, Hercules, CALI
For a good time, kindly visit
  Friday, November 3, 2006  2:32 PM

  Sean O'Connor Northborough, Ma
  I was browsing Google and found some great photos of the band!
  Friday, November 3, 2006  8:45 AM

  Ed Luskey Oakville, Ontario
  excellent to see a message board back up and running. Very nice to see TI playing Canada next year, hopefully you'll slide a lot more East and play in and around Toronto :-)
  Thursday, November 2, 2006  9:18 PM

  Karyn Hackettstown, NJ
  SO excited to see you guys are playing in Pittsburgh on New luck would have it, we will be in town and are already making plans with friends and family who I'm sure will turn into big fans.

You all were great on the New Orleans Music documentary...hope its getting back to normal (as much as possible) down there...
  Thursday, November 2, 2006  8:16 PM

  Adele Pacifica, CA
  Could anyone out there help me by sending me the chords to This Night of Sin, so I can learn to play it on guitar? Grateful for any help and thank you. Adele
  Thursday, November 2, 2006  4:36 PM

  Sha Blue City, Red State
  Hey y'all...hope everyone is well. Can't wait to hear the new material! Hopefully, you'll be back in the greater DC area soon or better yet, maybe I'll make it back to New Orleans for a gig.
  Thursday, November 2, 2006  2:32 PM

  Douglas Heerlen, The Netherlands
  When are you guys coming to Europe? They would go nuts for you here in Holland!
  Thursday, November 2, 2006  1:52 PM

  Stagger Lee Pawtucket, RI
  Iguana's Rule....Welcome back to the message board!
  Thursday, November 2, 2006  1:37 PM

  John Omaha, NE
  Great to see the board back! I'm with Miss about an Omaha gig soon!
I've been plugging for the Iguana's to play Omaha's ever improving Jazz & Blues Festival on the riverfront in June. Great venue and great crowds!
  Wednesday, November 1, 2006  4:23 PM

  Miss Mary Omaha, Nebraska
  Everyone in Omaha needs an Iguanas fix. All are asking "When are they coming back?"
Soon, I tell them; soon.
Please don't make a liar out of me!
Love you, miss you and all the families and NOLa friends. Miss Mary
  Sunday, October 29, 2006  2:14 PM

  Steve Taylor San Juan,Puerto Rico
  Hey guys! If you aren't coming to Puerto Rico then we are coming to you! Again! New converts are coming to Austin for the Continental Club show on November 4th. Look forward to seeing you guys again!
  Sunday, October 29, 2006  12:17 AM

  Colleen Anson Omaha NE/Destin FL
  Great to see the message board back up. Making trip to Destin via Nola on Thanksgiving Day with road trip pals Mary and Joe. Can't wait to see as many Iguanas and Iguana families there as possible. See ya soon and God bless!
  Saturday, October 28, 2006  8:57 AM

  Eric Parker East Brunswick, NJ
  Great to see the new improved board. Hope you and the families are doing well and looking forward to a happy holiday season. Can't wait to catch another show soon! Debi says hi!
  Friday, October 27, 2006  7:15 AM No Address Provided

  The Iguanas NOLA
  Welcome to the new and much improved Iguanas message board. Thanks to some expert coding and hard work from our good friend Brian Seeger, this version of our guest book will hopefully remain spam free. Feel free to post your comments about Iguanas shows, etc. and return often to see what others are saying...
  Thursday, October 26, 2006  11:02 AM

  Beth Yager Eckstein Asheville, NC
  Hey, I look forward to seeing ya'll at the Live Oak Music Festival in Santa Barbara, this month. Its an awesome festival! I miss seeing the Iguanas!
  Wednesday, June 7, 2006  6:52 AM

  Gregor Monica Kirsty Mike Mackay la
  Hello, so good to see you're back on the Wednesday at the Square and New Orleans is up and running. The BBC had us believing the worst. We hope to visit again
  Tuesday, June 6, 2006  6:49 AM

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